EziGerman Terms of Service

Terms and conditions
This document is provided by EziGerman and is a legally binding document for all visitors and users of EziGerman websites who are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Information and Data
All details supplied to EziGerman by all users of this website will not be sold or delivered to any 3rd Party without prior knowledge and consent of the owner of those details. This condition can be overidden if this information is demanded by the ruling government of the user. /

No credit card or bank account information supplied by users to EziGerman will be stored or kept on file.

Email newsletters or sales promotions from EziGerman will not be sent to users unless permission is granted by user. EziGerman will comply with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act enacted by the German Government.

Copyright and Content
All content, audio, video, interactive media and text used on EziGerman websites are the intellectual property of EziGerman and subject to copyright laws. Any 3rd party software used in delivering content belongs to their respective owners and is clearly marked as such.
All visitors to EziGerman websites agree not to copy, reproduce, publish, download, or make available to the public content provided by EziGerman. You may use the content only for personal non-commercial use. Any other use apart from personal or non-commercial must have the express and written permission from EziGerman.

No content provided by ezigerman.com is intended to harm or offend. All content has been developed to be viewed by current web browsers.

In the course of users viewing and consuming content provided by EziGerman:
EziGerman will not accept liability for loss or damage whether forseeable or not for the following…

(1)loss of data
(2)Physical or mental harm
(3)Financial or business loss
(4)Harm to reputation
Refund and Disputes Resolution

There are no guarantees expressed or implied as to the outcome of any German language results provided by EziGerman, it’s owners, or by any EziGerman student or member at any level, or any other related party.

EziGerman will refund the purchase price of the EziGerman membership minus any charges enacted on this refund by the payment processor. Refund requests must be made via email to support(at)ezigerman.com, if Module 1 has been completed and on other Modules completed. We will not refund any monies to users who have completed Module 2 onwards.

Any disputes, questions must be sent via support(at)ezigerman.com

Revision Date: January 2020.